Want to grow your faith or study theology but don't have the time or money? Now you can through the Theolotweet Academy.

Our Mission

We want to make Christian discipleship and theology relevant, practical and accessible to the many and not the few.

Daily Discipletweet

A daily discipleship tweet to help you grow in faith covering the whole Bible, one chapter per day.

School of Ministry and Theology

Coming in Sep 2018 our very own tweet based Certificate in Practical Discipleship and Theology.

Theolotweet Merchandise

Studying with us free and accessible. We support this through our range of merchandise.

Theolotweet Academy Creator


Theolotweet Academy and all materials have been created by, and are the copyright of, Dr Dave Wood. Dave is the founder and director of Metanoeo CIC and founder of Realign Coaching. He holds a PhD in Theology from Liverpool Hope University and has recently been accepted to train as a Reader in the Church of England.

Theological Statement

Our Theological Stance

Theolotweet Academy has been developed from a Christian perspective respectful of Scripture, tradition and reason. Whilst the creator is a member of an Anglican church, he also appreciates a wide expression of Christian theological preferences. As such, Theolotweet Academy, attempts to draw upon Christian thinking from across the denominations and theological traditions including evangelical, Pentecostal, charismatic, Roman Catholic and liberal expressions. Rather than attempting to promote any one line of theological thinking we encourage our students to engage and explore for themselves.

(c) Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved

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