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Discipletweets: 1 & 2 Kings


Discipletweets from the book of 1 & 2 Kings.

1 & 2 Kings: Discipletweet Texts

1 Ki.1 – When we have been wronged do we react or do we act with grace and restraint?

1 Ki.2 – It is good for us to watch how we live and walk faithfully before God.

1 Ki.3 – If God gave us the opportunity to ask for anything, what would we ask for?

1 Ki.4 - To achieve our potential we need to be part of a team.

1 Ki.5 – With God’s wisdom we can build productive partnerships.

1 Ki.6 – Following God’s plans requires patience and attention to detail. His work takes time and starts in His time.

1 Ki.7 – How important is it for us to pay attention to detail right across the areas of our life?

1 Ki.8 - Is there a lavishness and totality about our commitment to God?

1 Ki.9 - How will we respond to the knowledge that God is with us?

1 Ki.10 – We can expect others to want to test God’s work in our lives.

1 Ki.11 – When we don’t follow the Lord’s instructions we begin to go astray.

1 Ki.12 – Whose counsel do we choose to take and why?

1 Ki.13 – If God has clearly told us something we should not divert from it even for something which on the surface seems right, proper and wholesome.

1 Ki.14 – Even if we try to take advantage of situations, we cannot cheat life.

1 Ki.15 – Our history will always be there but it doesn’t need to dictate the way we move forward.

1 Ki.16 – Are there things we do which provoke God?

1 Ki.17 – When we follow God, the circumstances might still be difficult, but God will provide, even in unusual ways.

1 Ki.18 – It takes courage to serve the Lord as many will see us simply as troublemakers.

1 Ki.19 – In serving the Lord we may experience times of despair and exhaustion, but God will provide and refresh us through the gift of others.

1 Ki.20 - Even when God acts in incredible ways, people will find ways to deny and disobey.

1 Ki.21 - Our repeated patterns of sin impact the world around us, yet with genuine repentance, we can experience the personal forgiveness of God.

1 Ki.22 – Do we only listen to those who will tell us what we want to hear?


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