1 & 2 Timothy

Discipletweets: 1 & 2 Timothy


Discipletweets from the books of 1 and 2 Timothy.

1 & 2 Timothy: Discipletweets Texts


1 Ti.1 - The Law highlights wrong; developing pure, sincere, love is the goal.

1 Ti.2 - A life of worship is one focused on God’s love and plan for all people.

1 Ti.3 - Leadership is a noble task which starts with experience and self-management.

1 Ti.4 - Persevere in godliness training for this life and the life to come, recognising all God’s creation is good.

1 Ti.5 - Treat all people with respect, caring and providing for them but also helping them to take responsibility for themselves.

1 Ti.6 - Respect others, avoid unhealthy interests, be content; then we are rich in godliness.

2 Ti.1 - Fan into flame the gift of God’s Spirit, given by grace, to empower us with love and self-discipline.

2 Ti.2 - Stay focused, presenting yourself as one approved; kind and not quarrelsome.

2 Ti.3 - In life we will face persecution; we are to choose carefully, being equipped by God’s word knowing He will rescue us.

2 Ti.4 - Be prepared, listen to challenge and know what is right.

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