1 Corinthians

Discipletweets: 1 Corinthians


Discipletweets from the book of 1 Corinthians.

1 Corinthians: Discipletweets Texts


1 Co.1 - God has called and equipped us to a life of holiness and unity.

1 Co.2 - Will we rely on God’s wisdom or our own?

1 Co.3 - We are unified in Christ, each with their own task.

1 Co.4 - As servants of Christ we should not be concerned about human judgement.

1 Co.5 - We have a collective responsibility to challenge the behaviour of those in our community.

1 Co.6 - The church is our opportunity to demonstrate the Kingdom of God.

1 Co.7 - It is not our status, but keeping God’s command which counts.

1 Co.8 - We should be carefully not to allow exercising our own rights to become a stumbling block for others.

1 Co.9 - Part of the discipline of our training as disciples is to learn to put the Gospel before our own rights.

1 Co.10 - If we think we are standing firm, be carefully that we don’t fall.

1 Co.11 - We are to be interdependent, regardless of issues such as gender.

1 Co.12 - There should be equality and diversity in the church.

1 Co.13 - Can anything be more important than love?

1 Co.14 - Our approach to worship should build up the whole congregation.

1 Co.15 - I am what I am by God's grace.

1 Co.16 - Our every action must be done with love.

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