Discipletweets: Ephesians


Discipletweets from the book of Ephesians.

Ephesians: Discipletweet Texts


Eph.1 - We are chosen to be holy, blameless children of God, redeemed, forgiven and lavished with grace and wisdom so we might know Him better.

Eph.2 - God shows us his riches by taking us who were dead and making us alive by his grace and mercy to do the good works prepared for us.

Eph.3 - Through the church we speak the wisdom of God to the heavenly realms, rooted and established in love and with Christ dwelling in our hearts.

Eph.4 - Putting off the old self we are renewed to attain the fullness of Christ; kind, compassionate, humble, patience and gentle service in unity.

Eph.5 - Follow Christ’s example of walking in love, purity and thanksgiving, living in obedience, wisdom and submission.

Eph.6 - Obedience, strength and wholeheartedness requires truth, righteousness, peace and faith, through salvation, alert prayer and the word.

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