Discipletweets: Exodus


Discipletweets from the book of Exodus.

Exodus: Discipletweet Texts


Ex.1 – Are we prepared to choose to do what is right over what the authorities tell us to do?

Ex.2 - From times of protection and provision to feeling an alien in a foreign land, what are our experiences preparing us for in the service of God?

Ex.3 – God watches over us and sees what we experience, so when He calls, will we respond?

Ex.4 – God has a plan for us, but when we find it too hard, He also provides us with the help we need to move forward with a reserve plan.

Ex.5 - When we serve God people may oppose us, even from within our own community.

Ex.6 – What the Lord has promised He will achieve.

Ex.7 – When we speak God’s word and do His will, others will not necessarily do what we ask.

Ex.8 – Often when hardship is relieved people return to their old ways. Our challenge is to remain consistent.

Ex.9 – God gives us multiple chances to do what is right.

Ex.10 - God will use events of nature to serve his purposes.

Ex.11 - The Lord makes distinctions between people.

Ex.12 – When the Lord gives specific instructions it is essential we follow them.

Ex.13 – Do we have patterns in our life which help us to consecrate and commemorate the acts of God?

Ex.14 – God’s ways may seem confusing to others but they will set us free and ultimately bring Him glory.

Ex.15 – Do we take the time to reflect on the detail of God’s interventions in our lives?

Ex.16 – The Lord is attentive to what we say and desire, are we attentive to Him?

Ex.17 - What or who has God put around us that supports us to follow His instructions?

Ex.18 – Are we prepared to listen to the advice of others? Are we able to share the load of our calling to serve?

Ex.19 - Do we set our actions based on the holiness of God?

Ex.20 – What is the difference between a healthy and unhealthy fear of God?

Ex.21 - We have a duty to be explicit about expectations and consequences in our communities.

Ex.22 – Do we take seriously the challenge to act with justice and integrity towards our community?

Ex.23 - Justice and integrity go hand in hand with compassion and responding to what is going on around us.

Ex.24 - Are we prepared to receive the instructions God wants to give us?

Ex.25 - God provides us with all the guidance we need to worship Him in spirit and truth.

Ex.26 - To rest on the mercy seat we need to enter the most holy of places.

Ex.27 - As the lamp is always on in the tent of meeting, God is always ready and willing to meet with us.

Ex.28 - How can we engage symbolism in our approach to worship to help us remember God?

Ex.29 - Do we appreciate the significance that we can now access the presence of God with a lack of ceremony?

Ex.30 - Do we make a ‘contribution to the Lord’ from our lives?

Ex.31 - God gives us gifts to serve but also requires us to take rest just as seriously.

Ex.32 - To be set apart for God requires us to put Him above all relationships.

Ex.33 - Do we act in ways which separate us from God?

Ex.34 - God will judge wrongdoing but is also compassionate and will give us a second chance.

Ex.35 - God wants us to give from an attitude of willingness rather than duty.

Ex.36 - When we all bring the contribution that God has placed on our heart there is more than enough.

Ex.37 - Do we pay enough attention to the details of how we structure our lives in order to help us worship God?

Ex.38 - When we worship God, do we bring our best?

Ex.39 - What do we do to remember we are consecrated to the Lord?

Ex.40 - Are we ready to serve God as priests?


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