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Discipletweets from the book of Genesis.

Genesis: Discipletweet Texts


Ge.1 - When God speaks to us he creates something good, yet it is not always complete – we are on a progressive journey of completeness.

Ge.2 - We need work and rest: This is modelled by God who creates a fertile context which will flourish when we work the ground.

Ge.3 - When we question what God has told us based only on our opinion it results in pain.

Ge.4 - Sin desires to take us over; we must take control of it, being disciplined and doing what is right.

Ge.5 - We are created both in the image of God and in the likeness of our parents and so inherit a mixture of motives and characteristics.

Ge.6 - When we focus on serving our own desires God can lose patience and experience regret; the alternative is focusing on God’s commands.

Ge.7 - When we follow God’s commands we are kept safe, but not necessarily comfortable; we may even feel shut in.

Ge.8 - Even though we are evil, God remembers us and calls us out to be fruitful in acts which will please Him.

Ge.9 - God has made a covenant with us not to destroy the earth but will also hold us to account as to whether we destroy one another.

Ge.10 - Despite our division and separation we all share a common ancestry and heritage of humanity.

Ge.11 - Sometimes when we disobey God’s command and become comfortable and self-focused, He will mix and confuse things to prompt us.

Ge.12 - God may call us from the familiar and comfortable to something new. However, circumstances may sometimes affect the route.

Ge.13 - Wealth can lead to quarrelling. With wealth comes the responsibility to address divisions and make good choices.

Ge.14 - We have a call to actively pursue injustice and recover what has been unfairly taken giving honour to God in the process.

Ge.15 - We are to believe God’s promises but also question and grapple with him if we cannot see how they can be achieved.

Ge.16 - When we blame the Lord for things not going as we want and then take things in to our own hands we end up suffering.

Ge.17 - We are to be patient waiting for God. He will speak and bless in His time. Our response is to be faithful and honest as He will listen.

Ge.18 - God can take the seemingly impossible and make it possible, but He wants to do so through engaging us.

Ge.19 - We are sometimes instructed to flee from something destructive and dangerous in our lives. When we do, we should not look back.

Ge.20 - Fairness and justice from a human perspective is not the same as it is from God’s perspective.

Ge.21 - God is gracious with us and will keep his promises; to the extent that this will sometimes bring us laughter.

Ge.22 - When God tests us, He will provide all we need. Our role is to not hold anything back from Him and to trust in Him.

Ge.23 - When we face personal difficulties and challenges, it is how we respond that counts.

Ge.24 - We have a God who speaks and makes promises to us; He will lead us on our journey. Our response is to listen, pray, worship and respond.

Ge.25 - God doesn’t always do things in a way that makes sense to us, and sometimes the consequences may also not make sense to us.

Ge.26 - God uses us to be a blessing to the world, yet this can cause jealousy and we are prone to repeat the mistakes of our ancestors.

Ge.27 - We should be alert and consider our decisions carefully as they can have lasting consequences.

Ge.28 - When God speaks to us, he will keep his promise, yet we also have a role to play in accepting and responding to the promise.

Ge.29 - We should remain alert so we don’t be deceived.

Ge.30 - When we are jealous and competitive it impacts our ability to make good moral decisions.

Ge.31 - We tend to take things in to our own hands through deception, but this is not needed as God sees our situations and acts.

Ge.32 - Sometimes it is necessary for us to wrestle with God over the future he has promised us.

Ge.33 - Sometimes people surprise us and treat us better than we might deserve – our challenge is to be those people.

Ge.34 - Our lack of action over matters of justice can have serious consequences.

Ge.35 - Periodically we need to take stock, get rid of the ‘gods’ in our lives, purify ourselves and put on ‘new clothes’ for the journey ahead.

Ge.36 - Every person matters. Even the people who seem on the periphery of our personal narrative have a story of their own to tell.

Ge.37 - When we show favouritism it can have serious and negative consequences; yet God can still work through our imperfection.

Ge.38 - It is important to be humble enough to publicly admit when we make mistakes and accept the consequences.

Ge.39 - Even in circumstances not of our choosing God can still make us prosper, yet we need to be alert to remain humble.

Ge.40 - It is important to offer ourselves to serve and support others whilst recognising this will not always be remembered.

Ge.41 - Even when we feel forgotten we can know God remembers us and will provide opportunity for us to serve and be blessed.

Ge.42 - When we are presented with an opportunity to show revenge to those who have harmed us, we are to choose compassion.

Ge.43 - It can take time and the unlikeliest of circumstances for prophecies about us to be realised. Keep believing!

Ge.44 - How much would you be prepared to give of yourself in service of others?

Ge.45 - When we have been wronged how easy is it not only to forgive but also to reassure those who have wronged us.

Ge.46 - Sometimes, even towards the end of our life journey, God will take us to new places and bless us.

Ge.47 - What is the point of possessions if we do not possess life?

Ge.48 - God's plans do not always conform with our rules and expectations.

Ge.49 - If Jacob was 'blessing' us with a suitable blessing, what would his words be?

Ge.50 - What others may do to harm us God can use to do good. So, who are we to avenge?


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