Discipletweets: Job


Discipletweets from the book of Job.

Job: Discipletweet Texts

Job.1 - No matter how good, or upright, a life we live, we can still face adversity.

Job.2 - Are we only prepared to accept the good in life and not also the bad?

Job.3 - When someone feels they would rather not be alive, perhaps what they really want is a sense of peace.

Job.4 – Times of challenge may hit any of us, no matter how successful we may be.

Job.5 – God’s discipline is a blessing.

Job.6 – Understanding suffering: Even the righteous may feel times of despair and hopelessness.

Job.7 – Understanding suffering: When times are hard even our inner life of thoughts and dreams can be terrifying.

Job.8 – Responding to suffering: Which is more important; being right or seeking to understand?

Job.9 – Responding to suffering: Is it possible, or helpful, for us to consider our self wholly innocent in our situation?

Job.10 – Responding to suffering: When was the last time you was really honest with God?

Job.11 - Can we really understand God?

Job.12 - What does it take for us to declare our God is a God of wisdom, counsel and understanding when we feel like a laughing stock?

Job.13 – Do we know how to use the wisdom of silence?

Job.14 – Are we always convinced that when we are pruned it is so we may sprout once again?

Job.15 – What is truth without grace and compassion?

Job.16 – Even when facing our darkest days, we can be confident we have a witness in heaven.

Job.17 – Do our actions feel like mockery to those who suffer?

Job.18 - Do the actions we take in times of distress lead others to believe that we don't know God?

Job.19 - Do our words challenge and support or torment and break people?

Job.20 - Evil may taste good on the lips but turns sour in the stomach.

Job.21 – There is more consolation in the act of listening than there is in giving easy answers.

Job.22 – Can we be of benefit to God?

Job.23 – Can we say, like Job, that even when God feels distant, we still treasure His commands.

Job.24 – The prosperity of those who do evil is only fleeting and will be judged.

Job.25 – How unexpected is it that we are important to God?

Job.26 – What is our relationship with the powerless?

Job.27 – God is big enough to deal with us being honest about our emotions.

Job.28 – Wisdom is found in the fear of God, but what does this mean?

Job.29 – When we long for the past, what are we saying about God’s relationship with us now?

Job.30 – Are there times when God’s closeness does not bring us comfort? What does this tell us?

Job.31 – What would a review of our life look like?

Job.32 – Wisdom doesn’t come from age and experience but the Spirit of God.

Job.33 – Before God we are all equal and our life experiences give us the opportunity to turn to Him.

Job.34 – We are all the work of God’s hands and all our lives are played out in front of Him.

Job.35 – How does it profit us not to sin?

Job.36 – God is mighty but intimately interested in humankind.

Job.37 – Is it possible to understand the ways of God?

Job.38 – How often are we guilty of speaking words without knowledge?

Job.39 – God takes an intimate and active interest in all aspects of life and our world.

Job.40 – Are we ready for God to question us?

Job.41 – How much control over creation do we really have?

Job.42 – God can do all things according to His plan, even in the more unlikeliest of circumstances.


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