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Discipletweets from the book of Judges.

Judges: Discipletweet Texts

Jdg.1 - Sometimes, even when the Lord is with us, we will struggle to battle strongholds.

Jdg.2 - When we disobey God there are consequences in this life.

Jdg.3 - Has the Lord left things in our lives as a means of testing us and growing our faithfulness?

Jdg.4 - The Lord is not dependent upon us to fulfil His plans, but does want us to be part of them and to allow us to flourish through them.

Jdg.5 - No matter who we are, we can choose to to do what is right, and the Lord will be with us in our actions.

Jdg.6 - It’s OK for us to have doubts as we battle with the things which oppress us; we might be weak, but God is strong.

Jdg.7 - How can we become more dependent on the strength of God and less dependent on ourselves in the battles we face?

Jdg.8 - Showing wisdom in our responses to others can reduce opposition.

Jdg.9 - When we step out in faith, things don’t necessarily change straight away.

Jdg.10 - How quickly do we stray from the right path even though we feel the consequences?

Jdg.11 - We need to exercise self-control rather than be controlled by our past.

Jdg.12 - Jealousy and division can have disastrous consequences for generations.

Jdg.13 - God will respond to our prayers and circumstances, but how will we respond to Him?

Jdg.14 - Will we allow ourselves to be nagged or pressurised into defeat?

Jdg.15 - When we allow anger to control us we risk starting an ongoing cycle of revenge.

Jdg.16 - Do we allow others to lead us to decisions which make us weaker?

Jdg.17 - What will be the cost to us of having someone to lead us?

Jdg.18 - Our relationships with others are an important part of God’s plan to protect us.

Jdg.19 - When we listen to other peoples advice, do we take responsibility for the choices we then make?

Jdg.20 - Ultimately, all will be held to account for their actions or lack of actions.

Jdg.21 - Will we learn from our previous rashness or will we continue to go our own way?

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