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Discipletweets from the book of Mark.

Mark: Discipletweet Texts


Mk.1 - Our duty as disciples is to prepare the way for Jesus, respond to His call and bring people to Him.

Mk.2 - Two questions: What length would we go to meet with Jesus? How might His behaviour shock and challenge us?

Mk.3 - Is your Jesus meek and mild or a revolutionary fighting for God's will to be present in humanity, sometimes offensive but always compassionate?

Mk.4 - God has planted a seed in us which He will bring to harvest. Will we allow the worries and desires of this world choke our growth?

Mk.5 - It's not amazing acts of power which will draw people to Jesus but our simple acts of faith which allow Him to do His work.

Mk.6 - No matter who we are, our most efficient work happens when we have a receptive audience.

Mk.7 - Our spiritual cleanliness is not so much about what we take in as it is about what we put out.

Mk.8 - When we offer God all we have for His service He can multiply it with abundance.

Mk.9 - We are called to be servants with a childlike faith that allows us to trust even when we struggle to believe.

Mk.10 - What we are called to may seem impossible, but what is impossible to us is possible with God, so believe like a child.

Mk.11 - When Jesus saw injustice He took authority from heaven to address it ... do we do the same?

Mk.12 - The kingdom of God we are part of is radically different to our world and requires us to love with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.

Mk.13 - Things will not always remain as they are, even things which appear unchangeable, so we should stay alert.

Mk.14 - Are we lavish and committed in our worship of Jesus or do we let our old human logical ways take precedence?

Mk.15 - Fairness and justice are not straightforward concepts. We can expect not to necessarily be treated according to our actions.

Mk.16 - When the unexpected happens, it is not our initial surprise but our ultimate response that's important.


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