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Discipletweets from the book of Matthew.

Matthew: Discipletweet Texts


Mt.1 - Like us, Jesus had a complex and fully human heritage, yet He was still able to fulfill His call.

Mt.2 - God's call to a place may only be for a season, but it will be for our best interest, so we need to trust Him.

Mt.3 - Are we self-righteousness or humble and submissive? In whom does our security lie?

Mt.4 - It is natural to face temptation; what matters is how we respond. Will we look beyond our own comfort to the purposes of God?

Mt.5 - Engage the reverse economics of the Kingdom; be pro-actively not reactively righteous and love those who hate.

Mt.6 - We are called to a radical righteousness which is not for show but done in private and impacts life in public.

Mt.7 - We should judge ourselves before we judge others; this will inform our prayer and actions so we can build our lives on Jesus.

Mt.8 - Jesus invites us to follow Him and bring all our concerns to Him, but this is not an easy answer.

Mt.9 - Will we allow Jesus to have a harvest of mercy in our lives and the lives of those around us?

Mt.10 - We are to pick up out cross and follow Jesus; this is a costly decision but ultimately rewarding.

Mt.11 - Our associations will bring us accusations, but wisdom is only shown in just deeds.

Mt.12 - God requires mercy over sacrifice, this implies a rejection of legalism for compassion.

Mt.13 – We see and hear what many prophets and holy people have not – will we see the value, and respond separating what is from God?

Mt.14 – How do we use our power; poorly with rash promises or to serve others?

Mt.15 – We are not to exalt tradition as it’s not the external behaviours but the internal commitment which counts.

Mt.16 – Real illumination on how we are to live comes from God and requires us to respond. This may be costly.

Mt.17 – Faith as small as a mustard seed can move a mountain, yet this does not mean we will not face distress and injustice.

Mt.18 –Be humble like a child, yet protect the vulnerable; radically reject personal sin yet challenge others wrongdoing in mercy and forgiveness.

Mt.19 – Jesus understands how difficult it is for us to follow Him, so He welcomes us to come as children, willing, but not always skilled.

Mt.20 – God’s generosity may appear reckless but it is only according to His pre-prepared plan.

Mt.21 – Our lives are to be about actions more than words. Some will welcome us bearing this fruit but others will despise us.

Mt.22 – We are called to respond to God on His terms, giving Him what is due; all our heart soul and mind.

Mt.23 – Our holiness is not for impressing or burdening others, but to promote positive personal action to live for God.

Mt.24 – Troubles will occur as human plans and schemes are torn apart, so we are to remain alert, faithful and loving.

Mt.25 – We are to be alert, prepared, and wise in the use of our resources as we seek to serve the ‘least’.

Mt.26 – Our commitment to, and appreciation of, Jesus is not shown in our intentions but in our actions.

Mt.27 – Jesus suffered out of love, others suffered out of selfishness. What causes our suffering?

Mt.28 – We are to make disciples of all nations knowing Jesus will always be there with us.


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