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Discipletweets from the book of Psalms.

Psalms: Discipletweets Texts


Ps.1 – We are blessed and bear fruit when we choose the wisdom of God over the wisdom of the world.

Ps.2 – What will we choose today; to fight with God or take refuge in Him?

Ps.3 – Even when it feels we have many enemies fighting against us we can be secure in knowing God is our protector.

Ps.4 – Facing difficulties or times of challenge? Focus on the Lord and receive His peace.

Ps.5 – God wants to make a straight path to righteousness before us protecting us from our enemies.

Ps.6 – When we are tired with the challenges of life we can remember we have a loving God who wants us to rest in Him.

Ps.7 – When we dig a hole we are at risk of falling in to it. Instead we should seek the rule of God.

Ps.8 – We are to live mindful of God’s creation as He is with us.

Ps.9 – When times are tough we can remember that God is our stronghold.

Ps.10 – Although the oppressors may seem to flourish, God will defend the oppressed.

Ps.11 – The Lord loves justice.

Ps.12 – The Lord will protect the needy.

Ps.13 – We will experience times when we must wrestle with our inner life of thoughts and feelings.

Ps.14 – When we join with others, are our collective deeds righteous or corrupt?

Ps.15 – Living in holiness will help us experience of a life characterised by stability and security.

Ps.16 – Our security, hope, future and rest all lie in God.

Ps.17 – God hears us and sees us because we are special to Him.

Ps.18 – How dependent on God are we as a partner in our life's adventure?

Ps.19 – How do we associate our vision of the heavens with the laws of God?

Ps.20 - Today brings an opportunity celebrate God's work in our lives, recommit and trust Him for the future.

Ps.21 - How do we celebrate the victories God gives us in life?

Ps.22 – When we feel far from God the challenge remains to trust and declare His greatness.

Ps.23 – God walks with us always, through good and hard times, providing sustenance, rest, restoration and direction.

Ps.24 – We are to seek God with clean hands and a pure heart.

Ps.25 - We need to look to God trusting Him with all our heart and mind and He will remember us and guide us.

Ps.26 – How much do we accept God’s forgiveness and allow Him to bless us?

Ps.27 - Seek the face of God and our difficulties will become less significant to us.

Ps.28 - In times of difficulty to we turn to God as our rock?

Ps.29 - How do we visualise the voice of the Lord and His holiness?

Ps.30 - Do we take time every morning to see the great things God is doing for us?

Ps.31 - Do we turn to God when times are tough?

Ps.32 - God wants us to talk to Him about our lives.

Ps.33 - We have a mighty and faithful God who is worthy of our praise.

Ps.34 - How will we praise the Lord through our actions and behaviours.

Ps.35 - God is our salvation and fights for us against those who would destroy us. Let’s delight in his salvation!

Ps.36 - We can take refuge in the wings of God.

Ps.37 - Commit your ways to God by trusting, hoping and being still in Him.

Ps.38 - Have we found ways to put our hope in God during times of despair?

Ps.39 - Do we know when to be guarded with our words?

Ps.40 - Happiness comes when we put our trust in God.

Ps.41 - Even when experiencing betrayal we can know peace if we remember God is with us.


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