Discipletweets: Revelation


Discipletweets from the book of Revelation.

Revelation: Discipletweets Texts


Rev.1 - We can expect to face suffering and need patient endurance recognising we are not alone on this journey.

Rev.2 - God knows us and will repay our deeds, love, faith, perseverance and suffering, so maintain our first love.

Rev.3 - God disciplines those he loves knowing their deeds and struggles – but he does this opening and closing doors for us that no-one else can.

Rev.4 - God’s being is beyond our imagination; here on earth we will only ever know with limited concepts.

Rev.5 - We worship a triumphant lamb who has purchased us at the expense of His blood to serve and reign as priests.

Rev.6 - There will be war, violence, injustice, famine, plague and environmental disaster and we will not be exempt from the effects as Christians.

Rev.7 - A time will come when as followers of Christ we will join with a great and diverse multitude and be sheltered in the presence of God.

Rev.8 - Even though we face tribulation and difficulty we can still be confident our prayers rise to God.

Rev.9 - Even when suffering, people will often still not repent but return to their idols and damaging behaviour.

Rev.10 - We live in a time when the mystery of God has yet to be fully accomplished; as a result, we will encounter sweet and sour experiences.

Rev.11 - Even those who serve God and seem wholly protected can still be harmed; yet God can restore them.

Rev.12 - The devil appears in many forms but with a common purpose, to wage war against us, accusing, devouring and leading us astray.

Rev.13 - The earth will be deceived into worshiping a false God which will persecute Christians; this calls for patient endurance and faithfulness.

Rev.14 - We are called to patient endurance and faithfulness giving God the glory.

Rev.15 - Our God is a God of love and a God of wrath to be feared as righteous, just and true.

Rev.16 - God’s judgement and punishment is just but people will still refuse to repent, therefore we are to remain vigilant so as not to be exposed.

Rev.17 - Discipleship requires wisdom to understand the war that is raged against Christ and how we are to respond.

Rev.18 - Wealth is fleeting and those with money and power may have it taken away in an instant. We should fix our eyes on the eternal.

Rev.19 - Victory will come, we are to make ourselves ready by undertaking the righteous acts we are given to do.

Rev.20 - We must choose what is right, but this will not exclude us from suffering and persecution.

Rev.21 - A day will come when there will be no more night, suffering, death or pain as God will live with his people and be their light.

Rev.22 - A time of restoration and peace is coming when we will be given to in accordance with what we have done.

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