Discipletweets: Romans


Discipletweets from the book of Romans.

Romans: Discipletweet Texts


Ro.1 – We need to make a daily choice to serve the Creator rather than self-serving created ideas and objects.

Ro.2 – Don’t be hearers of the law but doers who seek the spirit over the letter, willing to repent rather than judge.

Ro.3 – Our good deeds flow from a justification by God which comes from faith and not works.

Ro.4 – Our acts are a sign of the righteousness that comes from faith, so our righteousness is more than a state of mind.

Ro.5 – Will we allow God’s reign and grace in our lives to produce righteousness in us?

Ro.6 – We are baptised into Jesus’ death that we might walk in newness of life. Will we allow ourselves to become slaves of righteousness today?

Ro.7 – Laws are good for highlighting what is wrong, but we need to respond to the spirit of the law in love and compassion.

Ro.8 – We are to set our minds on the things of the empowering Spirit of God that dwells in us and not the flesh.

Ro.9 – It’s not our heritage that counts but God’s mercy in our lives, our position is based on faith not works

Ro.10 – Our zeal for God should be informed by our knowledge and submission.

Ro.11 – We are chosen by grace and not works so do not become proud but fear God.

Ro.12 – Our ultimate act of worship is to be living sacrifices with transformed minds valuing one another and repaying evil with good.

Ro.13 – How to live a good and godly life in 7 words: Love your neighbour as yourself.

Ro.14 – To live for Christ means we will respect the opinion of others and not cause them to stumble.

Ro.15 – The strong are to stand with the weak to build each other up.

Ro.16 – We are a relational people; support and welcome other Christians but avoid those which seek to divide.


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