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As Christians there are many ways we can, and indeed need, to read the Bible. Our Bible devotionals are designed to help guide you through one of these purposes, devotional reading for application to our journey of discipleship.

We have (and are continuing to) created short tweet length reflections on the big idea for discipleship in each chapter of the Bible. These can be used to help guide and challenge your own thoughts and reflection on how you may apply each chapter of the Bible to your own discipleship (2 Ti.3:16). Study guides come with a 'how to use' guide, but essentially our suggested way of using them is:

We have structured our path through the Bible to cover the whole book in 5 phases. The path is shown below with the start of each new phase being shown in green. This plan has been designed to encourage a balance reading of the various genres of the types of books contained in the Bible. Psalms and Proverbs are read on a Sunday.

Completing one reading per day wil take you through the whole Bible in just over 3 years. Reading one chapter with each of the 4 daily offices of prayer will cover the whole Bible in under 1 year.


If you are looking for additional resources, the links below will take you to Amazon where you can buy books we would recommend to help you on your discipleship journey. (Note - we will gain a small commission if you use our links. This helps us to keep this project running.)

The Bible from Scratch provides an easy to access guide to what the Bibel is and how it is structured. It is an ideal companion for new readers of the Bible.

The Lion Handbook to the Bible is a great accompaniment for providing an overview and useful information about each book.