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Discipletweets: Hosea

Hosea 1 - Is God speaking to us through our life circumstances?
Hosea 2 - Are there times when we are led us to the wilderness so our confidence and hope in God will be restored?
Hosea 3 - God faithfully loves us despite our lack of faithfulness.
Hosea 4 - When we ignore God’s ways the world suffers and we never feel ultimately satisfied.
Hosea 5 - God knows that we stumble and turn from His ways but longs for us to return and seek Him.
Hosea 6 - God desires mercy over sacrifice.
Hosea 7 - God sees our wickedness, and whilst others may approve, it does not profit us in the end.
Hosea 8 - When we make decisions not engaging our knowledge of God we reap an unfruitful harvest.
Hosea 9 - Life without God is ultimately one without satisfaction.
Hosea 10 - It is time to seek the Lord.
Hosea 11 - Despite all we do, God still loves us.
Hosea 12 - We are to wait for God with love and justice.
Hosea 13 - What, or who, do we worship?
Hosea 14 - When we repent, God forgives.

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