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Discipletweets: Ezra

Ezra 1 - God accomplishes his word through diverse means.
Ezra 2 - When we are struggling it is important to remember, eventually, God brings us home from exile.
Ezra 3 - Do we seek to worship the Lord even when fearful of how others might react?
Ezra 4 - When we follow the Lord’s will, people will try to discourage us.
Ezra 5 - Do we know whose authority we labour in?
Ezra 6 - God may use people from outside the church to develop our ministry.
Ezra 7 - Do we set our hearts to study, live and teach God’s word?
Ezra 8 - Who has God put around you? How does this impact your prayers? How do your prayers impact your relationships with those around you?
Ezra 9 - We have not faced the wrongdoing our behaviours deserve.
Ezra 10 - Are there times when we don't just mourn our individual sin, but also the collective sin of our community?

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