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Discipletweets: Joshua

Joshua 1 - God is with us, so meditate on His word, and be strong and courageous in working it out.
Joshua 2 - We may sometimes be surprised at who turns out to be our allies.
Joshua 3 - Have we consecrated ourselves today for the Lord to do wonders?
Joshua 4 - How do we mark the things God has done for us to help us remember and explain His goodness?
Joshua 5 - When we commit ourselves to the Lord and make changes to our life it can be painful and we might need healing.
Joshua 6 - God's plans may not always make sense to us, but we need to patient and follow them.
Joshua 7 - There can be serious consequences for us when we do not keep to God's instructions for our life.
Joshua 8 - When we re-consecrate ourselves to God He can do what previously seemed impossible.
Joshua 9 - As disciples we are called to go beyond our own logic and wisdom to call on God when making big decisions.
Joshua 10 - When we make a commitment to someone it is important to be there to help them in their struggles.
Joshua 11 - God wants our behaviours to be faithful to His command as He battles with us.
Joshua 12 - Often when God calls us to defeat something in life it is done one step or one battle at a time.
Joshua 13 - What areas of our lives does God want to drive out the enemies today and bring His kingdom in?
Joshua 14 - The Lord will remain faithful to His promises to us, yet we must remain patient for His timing.
Joshua 15 - God is interested in where we draw the practical boundaries in our lives.
Joshua 16 - There are always consequences when we try to gain our inheritance in Christ without driving out the old inhabitants of our life.
Joshua 17 - If we are to grow into the areas God has mapped out for us we are going to have to take on some formidable battles.
Joshua 18 - Do you need to explore and map out the territory in your life?
Joshua 19 - Our inheritance is not something given in isolation but as part of a wider social plan and context.
Joshua 20 - Do we know the safe places we can flee to when we make mistakes?
Joshua 21 – Are we prepared to share our resources so that others may thrive?
Joshua 22 - It is often when we are comfortable that we need to be reminded to love & serve the Lord with our whole heart.
Joshua 23 - We need to be strong to stick to what God has commanded us.
Joshua 24 - Consider your history with the Lord and then choose who you will serve.

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