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Discipletweets: Proverbs

Provebs 1 - Respect for God is the foundation for living a wise life.
Proverbs 2 - God’s wisdom helps us to walk the good path.
Proverbs 3 - We are wise to live lives of loyalty, faithfulness and prudence.
Proverbs 4 - Seek and live God’s words of wisdom.
Proverbs 5 - Faithfulness requires discipline.Faithfulness requires discipline.
Proverbs 6 - Actively grow good, pure lives, following God’s ways and not making rash commitments.
Proverbs 7 - Know God’s word that it might guide our ways and keep us from harm.
Proverbs 8 - Wisdom is better than jewels.
Proverbs 9 - Lay aside immaturity and walk in the way of wisdom.
Proverbs 10 - We are to walk with integrity, listening to God. This will make us wise, diligent, prudent and righteous.
Proverbs 11 - To act with righteousness is to act with mercy filled justice.
Proverbs 12 - Humility and discipline are required to gain godly knowledge.
Proverbs 13 - Be diligent in living right through taking wise advice and speaking considered words.
Proverbs 14 - Respect for God is lived out with wisely chosen words and compassion for the marginalised.
Proverbs 15 - The words we speak and seek reflect our heart.
Proverbs 16 - If we are slow to anger this will be seen in our words and actions; we will choose justice.
Proverbs 17 - The Lord tests the heart.
Proverbs 18 - A self-indulgent fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing personal opinion.
Proverbs 19 - Our greatest wealth is wisdom, patience and integrity.
Proverbs 20 - We make ourselves known by our acts.
Proverbs 21 - It is not sacrifice but righteousness and justice which the Lord desires.
Proverbs 22 - Good character is better than riches.
Proverbs 23 - Do not envy sinners or wear yourself out to get rich, but instead, be wise enough to rest.
Proverbs 24 - Seek wisdom; it will help build a solid foundation and is sweet to the soul.
Proverbs 25 - It is better to live life with humility and a desire to want just enough.
Proverbs 26 - How do we interact with those who are foolish?
Proverbs 27 - We do not know what tomorrow may bring.
Proverbs 28 - It is better to live a life poor but with integrity and justice than a life pursuing riches.
Proverbs 29 - How do we respond to people challenging us?
Proverbs 30 - Lord, give me neither poverty nor riches.
Proverbs 31 - We are to speak out and defend the rights of the poor and needy.

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