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Psalm 52 - Where do we take our guidance and place our trust; in self or God?
Psalm 53 - God despises our rejection but always seeks for our return.
Psalm 54 - When people rise against us, we are to find vindication in turning to God.
Psalm 55 - When we feel betrayed by our friends we can experience rest when we bring our complaint to God.
Psalm 56 - Trust in God and don’t be afraid. What can mortals do to us?
Psalm 57 - When faced with trouble we can take refuge in God and praise.
Psalm 58 - Are we guided by justice and equity or do our lives create injustice? What impact does this have on how others feel toward us?
Psalm 59 - God is our fortress and refuge in times of distress.
Psalm 60 - When we feel rejected by God, it is time to cry out for restoration.
Psalm 61 - No matter how far away we might feel, we can always cry out to God.
Psalm 62 - With God as our fortress, we cannot be shaken.
Psalm 63 - Our souls can be satisfied in the presence of God.
Psalm 64 - It is God’s role and not ours to judge others.
Psalm 65 - The whole of creation cries out in praise of God.
Ps.66 - Praise God as we remember and look forward -  how awesome are your deeds!
Psalm 67 - God’s blessing to us is intended to be a blessing to all.
Psalm 68 - Praise God who daily bears our burdens.
Psalm 69 - Whatever burdens we arrive with this morning, let us make the choice to praise God.
Psalm 70 - Do we view salvation as a whole life experience?
Psalm 71 - We are to bring our concerns to God, but with praise.
Psalm 72 - Pray for our leaders that we might be blessed through their wise service.
Psalm 73 - When we feel bitter towards others, all we can do is acknowledge our own failure and turn to God.
Psalm 74 - In times of national distress, call out to God and remember all the things God has done for us.
Psalm 75 - Ultimately, exaltation and judgement both come from God.
Psalm 76 - God will rise up in judgement to save the oppressed.
Psalm 77 - During times of trouble recall God’s past blessings.
Psalm 78 - How do we respond to God’s past goodness to us?
Psalm 79 - Do we take time to remind God of our circumstances?
Psalm 80
Psalm 81

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